Is your software not adapted for APIs in time?

Temporary solution via EDI converter

For barge operators that are not yet able to work with APIs for HCN Barge, Portbase offers a temporary solution in the form of an EDI converter which automatically converts the container data you supply in EDI to the HCN format. No action is required on your part for this.

Why switch to APIs as soon as possible?
With the EDI converter, you do not yet fully enjoy all the benefits of HCN Barge:

  • You enter your call and rotation data manually via the web screens of HCN Barge in this temporary solution.
  • Via your in-house system, you cannot make use of the new functionalities that are available in HCN Barge via APIs, such as additional container status data. For this, you also use the web screens of HCN Barge.

Therefore, make sure to contact your software supplier as soon as possible in order to make the switch to APIs for HCN Barge.

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