Help your client to quickly connect

As a software supplier, you are an indispensable link for the successful introduction of the integrated planning of Nextlogic. On this page, you can read how you can help your client to quickly connect. Together, we make every inland barge call to the port of Rotterdam better and faster!

Step 1. Make sure that your client is ready for the Portbase service HCN Barge

Together with the barge operators that are your customers, start the preparations to be able to make use of APIs in the new Portbase service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge as soon as possible. The sooner your client switches, the sooner he/she will be able to reap the full benefits.

Incorporate the API specifications of HCN Barge into your software

HCN Barge works via APIs. Request all the specifications in order to be able to connect your client – barge operator, but also deepsea terminal or empty depot – to HCN barge via APIs.

Is your client not yet using HCN Barge?
Then your client must first register with Portbase as a new participant.

Is your client not able to immediately switch to APIs?
Portbase temporarily offers an EDI converter for HCN Barge. This converter will automatically convert container data supplied in EDI to API. No further action is required for this. However, the barge operator does not yet take full advantage of all the benefits of HCN Barge. In this temporary solution, he manually enters call and rotation data as well as other information necessary for the integrated planning of Nextlogic via the web screens of HCN Barge.

Read more about this temporary solution here.

Step 2. Have your client register with Nextlogic

Access to the integrated planning of Nextlogic

In order to make use of the integrated planning, your client must register as a participant with Nextlogic. By doing so, your client gives Portbase permission to share the cargo information and call and rotation data that he provides via HCN Barge with Nextlogic. Nextlogic uses this data to draw up the neutral, integrated planning.

Participation in integrated planning, free trial period for your client
Participation in the integrated planning is free-of-charge during the test phase and a subsequent trial period of three months. After this, you client will pay:

  • A fixed monthly contribution of € 280.00
  • A fee of € 0.45 per planned container for barge operators or terminal operators and of € 0.30 for depot operators. After the free test phase and the trial period, these fees are subject to a 50-percent discount for the first three regular months.
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