Working together means communicating together. We therefore cordially invite operators of barges, terminals and depots to reuse our means of communication.

Optimal flow for inland container shipping

Portbase and Nextlogic are working together on the efficient and reliable handling of inland container shipping in the port of Rotterdam.

Through one central gateway, the digital exchange of data about ship and cargo through Portbase is innovatively combined with the neutral, integrated planning of all container barge calls by Nextlogic.

This consequently allows deepsea terminals and empty depots to optimally utilise their inland shipping capacity. Container barges are handled faster in the port. All the links in the inland shipping chain benefit. Rotterdam will become an even more attractive container port.

New approach for barge operators

One single gateway for the daily operations
As a barge operator, you pre-notify both the cargo information and the call and rotation data of your container barges via Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge. You were connected to this new service by Portbase in early February.

Please note! For optimal functioning of MCA Barge, it is crucial that you create an API connection in your in-house system as soon as possible. For participants in HCN Barge who are not yet ready for APIs, Portbase provides a temporary solution via an EDI converter.

Integrated planning through smart reuse of data
Nextlogic automatically receives the information necessary to provide each calling inland vessel with the integrated planning from HCN Barge. Nextlogic receives input on the available capacity from the container terminals and empty depots. Next, an optimised call sequence is created for all the terminals and depots to be visited in Rotterdam. Nextlogic continuously improves and updates this planning.

Only entering static information in Nextlogic
To use the integrated planning as a barge operator, you only need to enter certain specific static information (such as Sunday rest, etc.). You do this directly in Nextlogic via the internet.

Also inform your barge skippers
When the integrated planning is live, Nextlogic will directly present barge skippers with a sailing plan for each visit to the port. The integrated planning will only work if each barge captain exactly follows the planned rotation. Therefore, make sure to inform them about your participation in a timely manner. Barge captains can find more information on the separate barge skipper page and via the frequently asked questions for barge skippers.

New approach for terminal and depot operators

You receive all container information via Portbase
Via the new Portbase service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge, barge operators will provide you with full information about the containers scheduled to be unloaded and loaded for each specific vessel. Prior to this, a barge operator can also first submit a status request for his containers. In both cases, you use HCN Barge to send back the container status to both the barge operator and Nextlogic.

You inform Nextlogic of your available capacity
You directly inform Nextlogic of the available capacity for handling inland barges at your terminal or depot. You also state the existing agreements for fixed windows that you have with barge operators.

The integrated planning ensures optimum capacity utilisation
Nextlogic uses HCN Barge to send you the integrated planning for all the container barges that want to call at your terminal or depot. This is the order in which you next handle the ships. In this way, your available capacity is optimally utilised. Nextlogic continuously optimises the planning. For optimal insight, Nextlogic offers you the quay planning overview screen.

New approach for barge skippers

Web screen shows call order and scheduled times
For each visiting inland container barge, Nextlogic uses the integrated planning to determine the optimal order of terminals and depots to be visited, including a schedule. As a skipper, you can see the rotation that has been planned for your ship on your own web screen, directly from Nextlogic. Your barge operator will arrange the connection for you.

On the basis of this schedule presented by Nextlogic, you proceed through the port. It is essential that you strictly adhere to the planned and expected times listed in the integrated planning. Only then will you and your barge operator optimally benefit. Nextlogic offers you an overview 24/7 and determines the ideal route for you.

In your sailing plan, Nextlogic also includes visits to terminals and depots that do not participate in the integrated planning. You do however need to contact any non-participating terminal/depot yourself regarding the details of your visit.

Constant adjustment
Nextlogic constantly adjusts the integrated planning. This is done on the basis of up-to-date information about, among other things, the progress at the terminals and the progress of your rotation. The current position of your ship is continuously determined via your AIS.

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