This is how integrated planning works for you as a barge skipper

Every barge visit optimally planned

Are you sailing for a barge operator who participates in the integrated planning of Nextlogic? Then things will also change for you in your capacity as a barge skipper. The integrated planning will shorten your dwell time in that respect; you will be finished in the port faster.

Web screen shows call order and scheduled times

For each visiting inland container barge, Nextlogic uses the integrated planning to determine the optimal order of terminals and depots to be visited, including a schedule. As a skipper, you can see the rotation that has been planned for your ship on your own web screen, directly from Nextlogic. Your barge operator will arrange the connection for you. View the Nextlogic screen for skippers here.

On the basis of this schedule presented by Nextlogic, you proceed through the port. It is essential that you strictly adhere to the planned and expected times listed in the integrated planning. Only then will you and your barge operator optimally benefit. Nextlogic offers you an overview 24/7 and determines the ideal route for you.

In your sailing plan, Nextlogic also includes visits to terminals and depots that do not participate in the integrated planning. You do however need to contact any non-participating terminal/depot yourself regarding the details of your visit.

Constant adjustment

Nextlogic constantly adjusts the integrated planning. This is done on the basis of up-to-date information about, among other things, the progress at the terminals and the progress of your rotation. The current position of your ship is continuously determined via your AIS.

Engage in e-learning

Would you like to know more about how the web screens work? Nextlogic has developed an e-learning course with different modules for skippers. This digital environment allows you to already familiarise yourself with the new operational approach. You can access the e-learning course by requesting a voucher code from Nextlogic via your barge operator.

Do you like to know more?

View the frequently asked questions for skippers here.

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