This is how the procedure works for you as a barge operator
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Every barge call optimally planned

Soon, planning the calls of your container barges to the port of Rotterdam will work as follows:

One single gateway for the daily operations

As a barge operator, you pre-notify both the cargo information and the call and rotation data of your container barges via Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge. You were connected to this new service by Portbase in early February.

Please note! For optimal functioning of MCA Barge, it is crucial that you create an API connection in your in-house system as soon as possible. For participants in HCN Barge who are not yet ready for APIs, Portbase provides a temporary solution via an EDI converter.

Integrated planning through smart reuse of data

Nextlogic automatically receives the information necessary to provide each calling inland vessel with the integrated planning from HCN Barge. Nextlogic receives input on the available capacity from the container terminals and empty depots. Next, an optimised call sequence is created for all the terminals and depots to be visited in Rotterdam. Nextlogic continuously improves and updates this planning.

Only entering static information in Nextlogic

To use the integrated planning as a barge operator, you only need to enter certain specific static information (such as Sunday rest, etc.). You do this directly in Nextlogic via the internet.

Also inform your barge skippers

When the integrated planning is live, Nextlogic will directly present barge skippers with a sailing plan for each visit to the port. The integrated planning will only work if each barge captain exactly follows the planned rotation. Therefore, make sure to inform them about your participation in a timely manner. Barge captains can find more information on the page “Participation as a barge skipper” and via the frequently asked questions for barge skippers.

Would you like to know more?

View the frequently asked questions for barge operators here.

Ready in 2 steps as a barge operator

Step 1: Ensure that you can work via APIs in Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge

Contact your software supplier
The new service HCN Barge requires a switch from EDI to API, the new standard in IT for data exchange. If you have not yet made this switch, then please immediately contact your software supplier. The sooner you switch to APIs, the sooner you will be able to reap the full benefits of HCN Barge. Until that time, an EDI converter offers you a temporary solution.

Step 2: Register with Nextlogic for the integrated planning

Easy access to the integrated planning of Nextlogic via HCN Barge

In order to benefit from the integrated planning, you need to separately register as a participant with Nextlogic. By registering with Nextlogic, you grant Portbase permission to share the data related to cargo, call and rotation that you provide via HCN Barge with Nextlogic. Nextlogic uses this data to draw up the neutral, integrated planning for the port of Rotterdam.

Engage in e-learning
Nextlogic has developed a special e-learning course for participating barge operators with a large number of different modules. This digital environment allows you to already familiarise yourself with the new operational approach. You can access this e-learning course via a voucher code which you can request via Nextlogic.

Participation in integrated planning, free trial period
Participation in the integrated planning is free-of-charge for you as a barge operator during the test phase and a subsequent trial period of three months. After this, barge operators pay:

  • A fixed monthly contribution of € 280.00
  • A fee of € 0.45 per planned container. After the free test phase and the trial period, this fee is subject to a 50-percent discount for the first three regular months.

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