Automatic cut-off unloading/loading list in HCN Barge now also for visits to ECT Delta and ECT Euromax

As of the 18th of November, the automatic cut-off for unloading/loading lists that was recently announced for Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge will also apply to your visits to the ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminals. This allows ECT to properly anticipate the calls of inland vessels. Furthermore, the introduction of the cut-off constitutes the next step towards the coming-on-stream of the integrated planning by Nextlogic.

Automatic current status updates

In order to be able to always compile a correct, ‘green’ unloading/loading list in good time for your calls to ECT Delta and ECT Euromax, both terminals will from now on continuously show you the current status of your containers via HCN Barge. As a result, you always have insight into the acceptation of the pre-notifications and/or the availability of the containers.

Additional container information from ECT

ECT Delta and ECT Euromax will also provide additional container information fields, such as cargo opening/closing, commercial windows and data related to deepsea vessels. This information is easily surveyable via the HCN Barge API link-up and can also be consulted via the HCN Barge web screens.

Only ‘green’ containers on the unloading/loading list

The automatic cut-off for unloading/loading lists for ECT Delta and ECT Euromax in HCN Barge takes place eight hours before the scheduled arrival time of your inland vessel and applies to both full and empty containers. From that moment on, the status of the unloading/loading list is final. The list will only feature pre-notifications that have been approved, or ‘green’ containers; ‘red’ containers are not included. A further stipulation is that the ‘green’ unloading/loading list at the time of cut-off meets the minimum call size as set by ECT. If this is not the case, the unloading/loading list will remain in HCN Barge until the minimum call size has been reached.

HCN Barge also shows scheduled handling time

From the moment the cut-off is introduced, ECT will also show you the scheduled handling time of your ship at ECT Delta or ECT Euromax via HCN Barge. The already familiar yellow ETA/ETD fields are used for this. An update is always automatically dispatched should containers be replanned. To this end, the information in HCN Barge is regularly updated. ECT will continue to separately send you the e-mail notifications that you are accustomed to as well.

Reopen after cut-off anyway?

After the cut-off, it is no longer possible for containers to be added to or removed from an unloading/loading list. Only in exceptional situations will ECT reopen the unloading/loading list in HCN Barge at the request of the barge operator. After this, you will need to make the changes in your capacity as the barge operator and next close the unloading/loading list in HCN Barge again.

Next phase HCN Barge

In the near future, it will be possible for barge operators like yourself to use HCN Barge to already share an unloading/loading list with ECT ahead of the cut-off. This gives ECT more time to properly prepare the call. Unloading and loading can consequently be performed with an even greater degree of efficiency.

More information

Do you have any questions? Ron Martens of Portbase will gladly provide you with more information. You can reach him via or +31 (0) 6 – 512 677 64.

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