Portbaseflash – HCN Barge expanded with cut-off for unloading/loading list

Each unloading/loading list submitted by a barge operator will soon receive an automatic cut-off moment in the service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge. Following this, the status of this unloading/loading list is final and it is no longer possible to make any changes. Based on the containers that are correctly pre-notified (‘green’) at that time, the terminal is able to properly anticipate the call of the inland vessel. The introduction of the cut-off also constitutes the next step towards the go-live of the integrated planning by Nextlogic. By means of the final unloading/loading lists, they can further optimise these plannings.

The cut-off in HCN Barge will first be introduced as a pilot from the 3rd of November for all barge calls to RWG. The other deepsea terminals will follow. You will receive a separate notification should this result in any changes to their operational approach. Each terminal independently determines the cut-off moment that it wants to use in HCN Barge. These times may vary for loading empty, loading full, unloading empty and unloading full. For barges with a mixed cargo, the longest cut-off time serves as the determining factor in this respect.

Only ‘green’ containers on the unloading/loading list
After the cut-off in HCN Barge, ‘red’ containers are automatically removed (as usual). The result is a clean unloading/loading list with only ‘green’ containers. At this point, it is no longer possible to add or remove containers. However, the status of ‘green’ containers on a final unloading/loading list may still change to ‘red’, for example if a customs inspection is announced after a cargo cut-off.

Still reopen after cut-off?
If changes still need to be made to a final unloading/loading list for a barge operator, this can only be done by contacting the terminal directly. The terminal operator can then reopen the unloading/ loading list in HCN Barge. After this, the barge operator makes the changes and needs to close the unloading/loading list in HCN Barge.

Minimum call size
In HCN Barge, each terminal can specify a minimum call size per quay. If an unloading/loading list does not contain enough ‘green’ containers at the cut-off moment, it will remain open. HCN Barge continuously checks whether the minimum requirement is met. As soon as this is the case, the unloading/loading list is closed and passed on to the terminal operator.

More information
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