From the Coronavirus Update hinterland carriers – HCN Barge succesfully taken into use

All barge operators connected to Barge Planning were successfully transferred to the service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge in February. The new screen layout took some getting used to for some, but in general the transition from Barge Planning went smoothly. Following the market launch, several extra items were added to HCN Barge at the request of barge operators, including:

  • A logbook that allows the barge operator to check all operations performed at a terminal;
  • An option to reassignvessels so that when cargo makes the voyage not on vessel A as originally planned but on vessel B, you can easily change the vessel’s name in HCN Barge.

We will gradually be making further improvements to the service.

Barge Planning discontinued on 1 April
With HCN Barge now taken into use, the Barge Planning service has come to an end. After approximately twenty (!) years of loyal service – with many new versions and updates over that time – Portbase switched off Barge Planning on 1 April.

First data from HCN Barge sent to Nextlogic
Portbase and Nextlogic are working together to optimise the flow of container barges in the port of Rotterdam. Nextlogic will reuse the data about vessel and cargo from HCN Barge for the integrated planning of visiting container barges that will be implemented in the near future. The data from the first barge operator was successfully sent to Nextlogic from HCN Barge in early April. The same will be done for other barge operators in the coming weeks and months.

Portbase will continue to work on the completion and integrated testing of the link between HCN Barge and Nextlogic in the time to come. Chain tests are also planned with terminals, depots, barge operators and software suppliers. However, the coronavirus crisis may have consequences for the lead times originally anticipated. Satisfactory solutions will be sought in consultation with Nextlogic and all the participants. You can read up-to-date information about the steps towards integrated planning on the joint website.


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