Portbase Update – Better service for inland container shipping

Portbase and Nextlogic are working together to achieve faster, reliable handling of the inland container shipping in the Port of Rotterdam. Via a single portal, the digital exchange of information on vessels and cargoes via Portbase is combined with the integral planning of every container barge visit by Nextlogic. Comprehensive information on this can be found on the joint website www.portbase-nextlogicconnect.com

New service Hinterland Container Notification – Barge reaches technical completion
In order to improve the service it provides to inland container shipping, Portbase has developed the service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) – Barge. This new service will replace the existing Barge Planning and will soon also be the gateway to the integral planning service from Nextlogic. An important advantage of HCN Barge is that participants will be able to send not only the container information but the visit and rotation details for a given barge to Portbase from their in-house systems. The responses messages and updates from the terminals will arrive directly in their systems as well. In Barge Planning, both functions still take place via web screens.

On top of that, HCN Barge is much more user-friendly. The service was designed based on the work process of a barge operator. As a result, the planner has greater oversight and is able to work faster and with improved ease. An advantage for terminal operators is that the tasks awaiting their attention are all bundled together in one place in the service.

Required switch from EDI to API
HCN Barge utilises APIs. It is important that barge operators ensure their software is adjusted accordingly. Inland shipping parties who are not ready in time will be able to make temporary use of an EDI converter provided by Portbase. This converter will automatically convert container information supplied in EDI to the new MCA format. The parties in question will then be able to start using HCN Barge. However, they will not yet be able to take advantage of all the benefits of a fully-fledged link. These parties will still need to submit their visit and rotation details via the web screens.

Hinterland Container Notification – Barge pilot launched
On 4 November 2019 – together with a handful of barge operators and terminals – Portbase launched an end-to-end web-based pilot aimed at testing the function of HCN Barge in actual practice. The first manual notifications have been successfully processed. Portbase is currently working to scale-up the pilot, beginning with the connection of all container terminals that participate in HCN Barge. Once the service is functioning properly for these parties, the other barge operators will be added as well. The schedule calls for everyone to have been switched to HCN Barge – and therefore the service to be fully live – by mid-January 2020.

Everyone automatically switched over in January 2020
All barge operators who use Barge Planning will be automatically switched to HCN Barge in January. There is no need for these barge operators to make any technical adjustments.

Integral planning thanks to smart reuse of data
Nextlogic will use the information from HCN Barge to create an integral planning schedule for inland container shipping in Rotterdam. First, Nextlogic will begin carrying out practical trials in February 2020. Then, in April 2020, the integral planning from Nextlogic will be taken into actual use for the inland shipping sector. Relevant parties will need to sign up independently with Nextlogic in order to participate.

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