Portbase and Nextlogic working together on faster handling of container barges in the port of Rotterdam

The optimal exchange of data about ship and cargo via Portbase will soon go hand in hand with the integrated planning of all container barge calls by Nextlogic. In this Update, we would like to inform you about our new joint website and the rollout en route to the implementation of the integrated planning.

Central website offers market all information

From now on, you will find all information relating to the collaboration between Portbase and Nextlogic for an efficient and reliable handling of container inland shipping in the port of Rotterdam at www.portbase-nextlogicverbinden.nl. The joint website shows how we connect the parties in the inland shipping chain via one gateway. You can also read which steps you need to follow to benefit from a faster and smoother visit to the port of Rotterdam. For barge operators, terminal operators and depot operators as well as software suppliers, the website shows how the collaboration works and which benefits it delivers. Each party can see which actions are required on their part to make the timely transition from Barge Planning to Hinterland Container Notification Barge and to connect with Nextlogic. The roadmap towards the actual market launch of the integrated planning is also described step by step. We will continuously update this schedule. Furthermore, the website among other things features an extensive frequently asked questions-section.

Path towards integrated planning known

Are you ready? In recent months, Portbase and Nextlogic have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for better serving the container barge sector together. Now, the moment has arrived to start with the concrete market rollout:

Step 1: 18 November 2019

Start of pilot Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge The new Portbase service for pre-notifying calls and containers to terminals and depots is now technically ready. Together with several barge operators and terminals, Portbase has initiated a chain-wide pilot (both via the web and API) for testing the operation of HCN Barge in practice. Gradually, more and more participants from the HCN Barge project group are being migrated to the new service p]. Portbase will soon inform you about the approach and the progression of this pilot.

Step 2: Mid-January 2020

HCN Barge live

In mid-January, Portbase will automatically migrate the other participants in the service Barge Planning to the new service HCN Barge. You do not need to do make any technical adjustments. Prior to this migration, Portbase will provide you with instructional materials to help you with the first use of the web screens.

Step 3: Mid-February 2020

Practical tests with integrated planning

With the real-time data from HCN Barge and the input related to the available capacity of the participating terminals and depots, Nextlogic will start with a shadow run of the integrated planning from mid-February. This is done in the background in order to further fine-tune the integrated planning based on practice-based findings. During this pilot period, all the parties in the inland shipping chain will simply continue to handle their day-to-day business and planning in the existing way via HCN Barge.

Step 4: Early April 2020

Commissioning integrated planning

The integrated planning will officially go live at the beginning of April. From then on, every call of a container barge to the port of Rotterdam is automatically planned for all participating barge operators, terminal operators and depot operators. For each ship, an optimal call sequence is presented. This is also visible in the service HCN Barge.

At the launch in the spring of 2020, all major deepsea terminals at the Maasvlakte will be ready for integrated planning. Together, we can make every barge call to the port of Rotterdam better!

Are you ready?

To make optimum use of HCN Barge, we request that barge operators switch their message exchange from EDI to API. Have you not started with this yet? Then contact your software supplier as soon as possible to initiate the necessary steps. To benefit from the integrated planning, you must also separately register as a participant with Nextlogic. For barge operators who are not able to make the required switch from EDI to API in time, Portbase will use an EDI converter. This converter automatically converts the container data supplied in EDI to the new HCN Barge format. This allows you to still make use of HCN Barge, but without all the advantages of a fully-fledged connection to the new service yet.

More information

Do you have any questions about the solutions of Nextlogic and Portbase or about what the collaboration means for you? At Nextlogic, you can contact Wouter Groen, +31 (0)6 53 91 44 53, w.groen@nextlogic.nl. At Portbase, please contact Remmert Braat, +31 (06) 24 67 70 08, r.braat@portbase.com.

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