Portbase and Nextlogic launch joint website

www.nextlogic.nl and www.portbase.com – The collaboration between Portbase and Nextlogic announced at the start of this summer is now also taking shape by means of a joint website. At www.portbase-nextlogicverbinden.nl, barge operators, deepsea terminals and empty depots can find all the information about the cooperation of both parties, the benefits for the market, the planning, how to connect, events which Portbase and Nextlogic will attend together, news, frequently asked questions and much more.

Clearly informing the market
The joint website www.portbase-nextlogicverbinden.nl is the basis for Portbase and Nextlogic to inform the container barge sector in a clear manner about the progress of the plans in the coming period. New services from both organisations are made available to the market through one gateway. The optimal exchange of data about ship and cargo via the new Portbase service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge goes hand in hand with the integrated planning of all container barge calls by Nextlogic in that respect.

Central location
The website www.portbase-nextlogicverbinden.nl is the central location where all the information about this collaboration comes together. The new site furthermore aims to motivate inland shipping lines to switch to HCN Barge as soon as possible and to immediately connect to Nextlogic. Other joint means of communication from Portbase and Nextlogic involve a regular newsletter, meetings, etc. Want to learn more? Visit www.portbase-nextlogicverbinden.nl.

More information
Do you have any questions about the solutions of Nextlogic and Portbase or about what the collaboration means for you? At Nextlogic, you can contact Wouter Groen, +31 (0)6 53 91 44 53, w.groen@nextlogic.nl. At Portbase, please contact Remmert Braat, +31 (06) 24 67 70 08, r.braat@portbase.com.

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