Nextlogic en Portbase cooperation

Nextlogic and Portbase will cooperate to improve the handling of container barges in the port of Rotterdam. This is announced by both parties today. The cooperation is aimed at increasing efficiency, lowering costs and improving service levels for all parties involved in the logistics process.

Strengthening of gateway position to Western Europe

The port of Rotterdam is a major hub for transport to and from the hinterland. This hinterland extends from the Netherlands beyond Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. However, the transport chain suffers from inefficiency and delays due to peak loads as a result of increased call sizes and a lack of insight because calls and unloading moments take place at multiple terminals. Portbase director Iwan van der Wolf: “Increased and improved insight into the transport from and to terminals and empty depots is an essential prerequisite for retaining our position of gateway to and from Western Europe in the future.” The cooperation between both organisations leads to an optimal coordination of new and existing services.

Ease of doing business

One single window and one single way of working are important for the position of inland shipping in hinterland transport. Emile Hoogsteden, Director Containers, Breakbulk & Logistics of the Port of Rotterdam Authority: “This is what the cooperation aims to achieve. It will benefit all parties involved in the process. In the long term, a uniform standard for inland shipping has to be achieved. Requirements in this respect are that costs savings must be realised and that the ‘ease of doing business’ in the port of Rotterdam increases.”

Working towards one standard

From the summer of 2019, Nextlogic will receive the required data directly or via the service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge from Portbase. Shortly thereafter, all data will be processed through Portbase. In this way, Portbase remains the central entry point for data exchange for terminals and barge operators. The national coverage and the existing connections of Portbase will then ensure maximum coverage for the service provision of Nextlogic. Wouter Groen, ultimately responsible at Nextlogic: “The integral planning of Nextlogic will commence in November 2019. From that moment on, we aim to direct 70% of the inland shipping volumes through Nextlogic.” Both organisations are drawing up a joint planning and will coordinate their data in the coming months so that a uniform message standard is created. Groen continues: “In the coming months, Nextlogic will continue to make preparations, including the testing of the integral planning with the forerunners. Portbase and Nextlogic will ensure a good and correct transition for these parties.”


The cooperation between both organisations is a logical step and yields various advantages. For example, optimum use is made of the existing Portbase infrastructure, the business community has one central window for the automated exchange of data and the reuse of data for other notifications and declarations at subsequent stages in the logistics process is guaranteed. This is cost-effective for all parties; in this way, only one infrastructure needs to be managed and maintained. With this collaboration, Nextlogic and Portbase are taking the next step towards a future-proof solution for the inland shipping sector.

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