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Why this collaboration?

Together, we are working on an optimal flow of inland container shipping
Portbase and Nextlogic are working together on the efficient and reliable handling of inland container shipping in the port of Rotterdam. Through one central gateway, the digital exchange of data about ship and cargo through Portbase is combined with the neutral, integrated planning of all container barge calls by Nextlogic.

Phase 3 towards the realisation of the integrated planning is now underway. With the data of barge operators from the Portbase service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge, Nextlogic will be carrying out practice-based trials with integrated planning in the coming period. This is done together with 27 barge operators, deepsea terminals and empty depots.

This website informs barge operators, deepsea terminals, empty depots and skippers about the progress and explains how they can also participate.

Why participate?

All the links in the inland shipping chain benefit
The collaboration between Portbase and Nextlogic offers benefits to everyone in the inland shipping chain. Container terminals and empty depots can optimally utilise their inland shipping capacity. Container barges are handled faster in the port. Rotterdam will become an even more attractive container port.

  • Once central solution for container barge shipping

  • Improved service to clients

  • Improved, efficient and reliable inland shipping chain

  • Lower chain costs

  • One gateway, so data only needs to be entered once

  • Maximum reach

How does it work in practice?

One gateway for daily operations
A barge operator pre-notifies their data related to cargo, call and rotation at the container terminals via Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge. This new Portbase service has been live since February 2020. All barge operators are connected to this. To ensure an optimal performance, it however is crucial that every barge operator realises an API connection in their in-house system as soon as possible. Read here why this is important.

Integrated planning through smart reuse of data
Nextlogic automatically receives the information required to provide the integrated planning to every visiting inland vessel from HCN Barge. For this, Nextlogic receives input on the available capacity from the container terminals and empty depots. An optimised call sequence is thus created for all the terminals and depots that are to be visited in Rotterdam. Nextlogic continuously improves and updates the planning.

Spring into action and connect!

In April 2020, Nextlogic commenced with practical trials with the integrated planning. More details about the path towards the implantation of the integrated planning can be found here. To ensure a successful introduction, it is essential that as many parties in the inland shipping chain as possible participate.

Read what you need to do as a

At the launch in the spring of 2020, all the major deepsea terminals at the Maasvlakte will be ready for integrated planning. Together, we make every barge call to the port of Rotterdam better!

Cooperation initiating parties and partners

Serving the barge container sector better together is an initiative of Nextlogic, Portbase and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Multiple parties in the inland shipping chain support the initiative.